Fortunately, it is rare to have to cope with a total loss or serious damage. However, even minor damage or loss of equipment can make life difficult. If the worst does happen, our expert team will be there to help you.

If you do need to make a claim, Yachtline's aim is to help you stay afloat and continue your voyage with as little inconvenience as possible. That's when the Yachtline team really comes into its own.

The guide below explains the claims process and what you should do immediately after an incident, please read this carefully and follow the instructions.

Claims Guide

Your Policy of Insurance is a legal contract under which you have certain responsibilities if a claim arises.

You Must

  1. Take all reasonable steps to avert or minimise any loss or damage.
  2. Provide us with as much information as possible including the names, addresses and contact numbers of the other parties involved.
  3. Pass on to Yachtline as soon as possible all communication from other parties relating to any matter which might give rise to a claim under this policy You must not respond to such communications without our agreement.

You Must Not

  1. Admit liability
  2. Make any offer to settle or compromise or pay any costs.
  3. For the detailed clauses and conditions please refer to your policy wording.
  4. No repairs or replacement of items should not be carried out until you have agreed it with us unless it necessary to safeguard the vessel and/or mitigate any damages.

Please help us by following this procedure should you need to make a claim on your policy.

Notify us or your broker as soon as possible following the incident, providing us with your contact telephone and e-mail address and details of the incident.

When you contact us, we can discuss the incident and provide any advice and assistance needed. You will need to complete a Claim Form, we can send this to you after you contact us or you can download it here.

Please complete the Claim Form and return it as soon as you are able. Please include an estimate from a supplier or competent repairer for the cost to repair any damage or replace damaged or stolen items.

If the claim includes any theft or criminal damage, please ensure you notify the Police or relevant authority immediately and obtain a crime report number and/or details of the Police Station or Officer.


If salvage services are offered by another vessel, where possible you should contact us and/or your broker for guidance before accepting any terms. In most cases however this will not be possible and you must then act in the best interests of yourself and insurers.

General guidance on this is difficult, but if you are offered a fixed price contract which is obviously reasonable you should consider accepting it. In making your decision, consider the following factors:

  1. What danger threatens your vessel
  2. Professional salvage contract operators can be costly, but know what they are doing
  3. Opportunist offers of salvage from non-professionals can lead to heavy costs and disputes if you do not agree what they are going to do and how much they are going to charge you at the time.

If you can, try to leave the matter of payment for later and only if necessary agree to sign a Lloyd’s Open Form Salvage Agreement.


If the claim is accepted the onus is then on you as the owner of the vessel to arrange the repairs or replacements and then forward the original invoices, receipts or paid accounts for reimbursement. We will then arrange for them to be reimbursed.

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