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What the yacht insurer will do for you in the event of a claim

If something goes wrong and you need to make a claim, you can expect your yacht insurance policy to cover the agreed costs of making good.

The marine insurer knows that your claim may arise anywhere and at any time within the agreed cruising range of your yacht insurance policy. Marine insurance assumes that you are best placed to minimise damage and arrange rescue and repairs.

What your yacht insurance policy aims to do is reimburse you the cost of those repairs. This is a different emphasis from most land based insurance policies. That said, Yachtline does aim to have an accredited surveyor with you within twenty four hours of any significant claim under your yacht insurance policy.

If the very worst happens and the yacht is lost or the cost of making good damage is more than the value of the yacht, your yacht insurance can compensate you for a total loss based on the value of the yacht.

To read the key facts or full policy wording on Yachtline's yacht insurance policy click here. To find out how to make a claim click here.